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FAQ – EmployeeMax

Frequently Asked Questions

How do employees get the correct routing and account numbers
They should use the numbers at the bottom of a regular check, or call their financial institution to verify numbers for other types of accounts. Do not use the numbers on a deposit slip.
How does Direct Deposit work?
Your employee provides us with their account numbers and routing numbers where they would like their money deposited. Their payroll will be deposited automatically into their account on the regular payroll check date.
Do I have to change my bank or my payroll account?
Definitely NOT!
At what point in the payroll cycle will my payroll account be debited?
Direct Deposit and Taxes will be debited one banking day prior to check date.
What type of tax services do you provide?
We handle all payroll taxes including employee withholdings as well as employer taxes. We prepare Federal Forms 940 & 941, all Quarterly Returns, State Unemployment and Withholding Returns, as well as all Federal and State W2’s. We also prepare and file all Local and City taxes.
Do you process Multi-State payrolls?
Yes. We have clients all across the United States and many of them have multiple locations. With our Internet technology, you can also have each location login and enter their own payroll information as needed.
For what size companies does EmployeeMax do payroll?
We have clients that range in size from one employee to more than 3000 employees.

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