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Customized HR Management Solutions

Running a business is more complicated than ever. It’s likely you have noticed the increase in “noise” that distracts you from the heart of your business: hiring and recruiting, checking payroll, managing risk and compliance, and other HR-related tasks. That’s why Pennsylvania business owners rely on EmployeeMax for HR outsourcing.

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Partnering with us delivers human resource services, benefits administration, and payroll management in a single platform to save you and your business from the time consuming, manual data entry that results in unnecessary human errors. Our software is fully customizable and has the ability to streamline multiple lines of your business, including:

    • Employee benefits
    • Time tracking
    • HR consulting
    • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation

Save Time & Maximize Revenue with Integrated HR Technology

Working with EmployeeMax means you’ll have access to Vfficient, our comprehensive HR management software. Vfficient is easy to use, manages every phase of your employee lifecycle, and keeps your data safe.

You’ll enjoy a turnkey solution that goes beyond payroll and HR to include benefits management. Our integrated technology is secure and web-based to provide extensive automation of all HR-related activities.

Backed by a service team who’s always ready and available to answer your questions, Vfficient delivers efficiency you’ll appreciate right away.

Vfficient HR Resources and Materials

    • Easily manage onboarding
    • Customizable workflows
    • Make salary and status changes
    • Track PTO
    • Add/track training requirements
    • Access state and federal forms
    • Store employee files

EmployeeMax offers you comprehensive and affordable solutions.

With EmployeeMax, you:

Delivering a Great Experience for Your Team

It’s more important than ever to show your employees you value them – and with EmployeeMax’s Employee Portal – you can do just that. This convenient interface makes it convenient for your employees to manage their benefits and other HR-related information in real time through a central cloud-based system that is accessible anywhere. With this easy platform, your team can: 

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  • Compare, analyze, and review coverage costs
  • Easily enroll in benefits
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  • Track hours and PTO
  • Change their tax withholding status
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  • Receive mandatory training
  • View and print paystubs and W-2s

Industry-Leading Human Resource Solutions

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EmployeeMax, as your professional employer organization (PEO) provider, takes on a business’ day-to-day employee-related tasks. While the PEO is the employer of record on paper, you as the business owner, remain the executive decision maker of the company. This relationship allows you to focus on growing your business, while we do all the time-consuming, back-office work.

Combining your systems into a single program saves you from manually entering information into multiple systems and helps eliminate potential errors. Like our payroll system, our human resource software is customizable and can fully synchronize with all other aspects of your business.

EmployeeMax offers a variety of human resource support, such as time and attendance, applicant tracking, HR consulting, employee handbook development, and much more.

What would it be like to have help with hiring great employees and managing HR compliance? Find out Now.

HR Services Frequently Asked Questions

EmployeeMax works with companies that have an HR team, as well as those that don’t. Our technology gives your in-house staff the support they need. This puts additional resources into their hands and helps protect your business by ensuring you are compliant with state, federal, and local compliance laws and regulations.

Having a team of HR professionals to help you from day-one is as critical to your business as caffeine is to getting your day started. Many startups choose to work with EmployeeMax because we put the right HR foundation in place that allows you to scale your business quickly, without sacrificing any potential growth opportunities. 

We understand that, as a business owner, you need to carefully weigh every decision—including whether to hire internally or outsource HR. Partnering with EmployeeMax allows you to put your hiring budget towards expanding your sales team or other revenue-generating employees. In addition, we are built to scale with your business. As you grow, we grow with you. And you’ll always have a team of specialists taking care of your HR needs.

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