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EmployeeMax combined the human resource services with payroll management in a single platform to save businesses from the taxing, manual data entry that results in unnecessary human errors. Our software is fully customizable and has the ability to streamline various lines of your business, including employee benefits, time tracking, HR consulting, and pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation.

EmployeeMax offers a variety of HR services, from employee benefits and time tracking to pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation and HR consulting.

Human Resource Information Systems

Our system was built to provide growing businesses a turnkey solution that goes beyond payroll and HR to include benefits management.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have become one of the most important tools for many businesses. Even small offices can benefit by using HRIS to become more efficient. Many firms don’t realize how much time and money is wasted on manual human resource management (HRM) tasks until they switch to an HRIS.

HRIS are secure and web-based to provide extensive automation of all HR-related activities. EmployeeMax can offer you the most comprehensive and affordable solutions on the market today.

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With EmployeeMax, you:

Have a Quick and Easy Implementation Save Money on Hardware or Software Investments Centralize All HR and Benefits Data Into a Single System Receive Powerful Reporting and Exporting Capabilities Simplify Operational Complexity and Reduce Data Collection Automatically and Electronically Deliver Benefits Information to Each Carrier and Payroll Provider Eliminate Manual Management Of Data Across Multiple Systems Increase Data Accuracy And Streamline Management and Communication of Information

Employee Portal

EmployeeMax’s Employee Portal makes it convenient for employees to manage their benefits and other HR-related information in real time through a central cloud-based system that is accessible anywhere. The portal is easily configurable to manage relevant features and content for the business.

Easily enroll in or change aspects of employee benefits and other HR-related information. Compare, analyze, and review costs prior to benefits enrollment.

View plans from different benefit providers and a consolidated benefits summary report that includes the coverage employees selected with the associated costs.

Explore the value of employee compensation package with personalized total compensation statements.

Industry-Leading Human Resource Solutions

EmployeeMax, as your professional employer organization (PEO) provider, takes on a business’es day-to-day employee-related tasks. While the PEO is the employer of record on paper, the client/business remains the executive decision maker of the company. This relationship allows the business owner to focus on growing the business, while we do all the time-consuming, back-office work.


Combining your systems into a single program saves you from manually entering information into multiple systems and helps eliminate potential errors. Like the payroll system, our human resource software is customizable and can fully synchronize with all other aspects of your business. EmployeeMax offers a variety of HR services, such as time and attendance, applicant tracking, HR consulting, developing employee handbooks, and much more.

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