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Seven Advantages – EmployeeMax

Seven Advantages of EmployeeMax

The Platform Created by Payroll and HR Professionals


Premium Service

You receive informed, friendly, one-on-one customer service from our in-house team of Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) experts. They are well positioned to answer your questions quickly and effectively, since they are also the very people who designed and built the software!


Savings & Simplified Billing

You will enjoy significant annual savings over your previous provider, while never having to worry about a surprise bill or hidden charge. That’s right — you can rely on inclusive monthly billing with ESO. No extra Year-End or Quarterly Processing fees. One bill, one flat monthly rate, with everything included. Period.


Easy Use, Easy Access

Our Internet-based EmployeeMAX software was designed with simplicity in mind. Its straightforward interface and flexibility make it very easy to learn. We also safely and securely take care of your conversion from your old system — including employee data, year-to-dates, tax filing accounts, direct deposits, and parallel payrolls — so you don’t have to worry. Then you can enjoy the flexibility of viewing and printing your data anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. On top of it all, free training, demos, webinars, and expert customer service are at your disposal!


Custom Reporting

We’ve been doing this long enough to know that every business is unique in just about every way, so we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all reporting solutions. We create all of your business’s payroll reports according to your individualized needs. Along with all your other data, you can view and print these reports anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.


Comprehensive Payroll Tax Services

Your days of worrying about payroll taxes are over. Our in-house team of Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP) takes care of everything. We prepare and file all state and federal payroll taxes to the designated agencies and send you copies on a quarterly basis. We file all of your W2s, W3s and annual 940s, and we even produce your 1099 forms for you to file. If an agency ever contacts you with a tax notice, don’t lose sleep! Just forward the document to us and go back to running your business.


Free, Seamless Integration

Our system is feature-packed to fully integrate with your financial software, time/attendance systems, and all other aspects of your business. This means less time, effort and money dedicated to researching, selecting, and purchasing separate modules for feature-by-feature integration. With EmployeeMAX, integration is always free and always seamless.


Security for Your Needs

Just like everything else in your EmployeeMAX package, your security needs are customized. We give you limited access to fields for as many users as you like according to your individual security needs. At the same time, we put your data on a secure network so you never have to worry about creating your own backup or losing information.
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