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Workers Comp Insurance – EmployeeMax

‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Workers Comp Insurance

How “Pay-As-You-Go” Workers Comp Insurance Can Help Your Business?

“Pay-As-You-Go” Workers Comp Insurance eliminates big premium deposits, reduces your audit risk, and improves business cash flow.
More than ever, employers need real solutions to help them reduce the cost of insurance coverage and improve business cash flow.

“Pay-As-You-Go” Workers Compensation Insurance enables businesses to buy workers comp with little or no money down. Our exclusive “Pay-As-You-Go” programs also help protect employers from large audit bills because premium is based on real-time payroll wages and reporting. We are affiliated with most of the top insurance carriers in the U.S. which means we can write a policy for most risks and industries. Give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!

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