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About EmployeeMax

Our in-house team of certified payroll professionals applied nearly 120 years of collective experience in multi-state payrolls, human resources, customer service, accounting, and payroll taxes to develop EmployeeMax, the leader for secure cloud-based payroll and HR services.

Our Goals

With our extensive experience with other payroll and HR systems and software, we aim to develop a platform to achieve four key goals:

Reinvent Payroll Processes

Simplify Customer Experience

Deliver Secure Access

Reliable Products and Services

Seven Advantages of EmployeeMax

Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Our main focus is to satisfy our customers, that is why the products we offer are:


Simplicity does a lot more than make a system more user-friendly, it also makes it more valuable.

EmployeeMax delivers outsourced payroll and HR solutions for companies across the United States.

To fulfill the expectations of our clients, we took a hard look at the software solutions we’d been working with for nearly two decades. All of them required modules and extensions and the costs that come with them — just to deliver what we considered an “essential core” for modern Payroll and HR needs.


Your satisfaction is our success. Let us make you an EmployeeMax guru! Enjoy access to EmployeeMax University where you will get smarter and more efficient about how you manage Payroll and HR.

Twice monthly, we offer free ongoing education on our system. We believe the more you learn, the more functionality you gain. We offer two classes twice a month: “Report Writer” and “HR and Benefits.”

We aim to deliver smart, simple solutions that set the standard for the future of payroll outsourcing and enable our clients to manage their businesses more effectively.


At EmployeeMax, we aim to create tools that deliver precision and accuracy to your payroll, tax reporting and HR assets. Our tools will make your job easier and give you total confidence —everyday.

Based on our deep experience with other systems and software, we set out to build a platform that achieved four key goals:

1. Reinvent Payroll Software
2. Simplify Customer Experience
3. Deliver Connected and Secure Access
4. Provide Rock Solid Reliability

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